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  • Gulf Bank

    Gulf Bank


    Gulf Bank Concept Options for an adaptive brochure site for their complex offering. The information for each design was broken...

  • Dashboard – GitHub App Journalist

    Dashboard – GitHub App Journalist


    This is the visual design for a github app called Journalist which logs blockages and processes running for data and...

  • Adidas Dashboard

    Adidas Dashboard


    Adidas wanted a revolutionary new dashboard for their internal sales and design people. It was colour coded for messages, tasks...

  • Vans – Illustration

    Vans – Illustration


    The show company Vans had commissioned me to do an illustration for them to use in an advertising campaign. They...

  • Hello Kitty

    Hello Kitty


    I designed a series of greetings cards, fabric prints and shoe mouldings for Hello Kitty for use in the American...

  • Axa – Health Insurance

    Axa – Health Insurance


    With Axa, I got the task of designing “The best online insurance quoting interface in the world, ever!” With this...

  • Responsive Layout Mobile

    Responsive Layout Mobile


    When looking at the current design for the Launchpad mobile version I felt there was a better way to maximize...

  • Commercial Banking

    Commercial Banking


    Redesigning, and revolutionising the future of online commercial banking. The aim was to innovate on current banking, research what trends...

  • Swisscard



    Wireframe and design of a complex internal customer case banking system. These interactions and designs were carefully crafted to make...

  • Cloud9 IDE – Features

    Cloud9 IDE – Features


    When Cloud9 IDE relaunched, it had a brand new marketing and features page which I designed. The idea was to...

  • Cloud9 IDE – Chat

    Cloud9 IDE – Chat


    The redesigned chat system for Cloud9 IDE allows you to chat to multiple people whilst editing code and have them...

  • Cloud9 IDE – Dashboard Removal

    Cloud9 IDE – Dashboard Removal


    Previously, when starting a project in Cloud9 IDE you had to go through a dashboard. However, this was a very...

  • Cloud9 IDE – Clone Anywhere

    Cloud9 IDE – Clone Anywhere


    I was given the very tricky task of making the UX work for Cloud9 IDE to enable cloning from anywhere,...

  • kodesnip



    Kodesnip is a concept for developers to share small sections of code. Only with kodesnip they could actually clone their...

  • 3D Energy Game

    3D Energy Game


    I was asked to consult with Quintel on their 3D energy game. They needed to introduce playability, gamification, and get...

  • LTS Corporate

    LTS Corporate


    LTS is Learning and Teaching Scotland. They went though a re-brand with their identity and how they should make their...